To ensure the successful implementation of PSCM Transformation IIAPS provides consulting support to embed learning 'by doing' and also to fast-track desired improvements in performance.

Our primary consulting support service is the QV® Strategic Sourcing Challenge Workshop.

The QV® Strategic Sourcing Challenge Workshop

The workshop is always focused on challenging existing 'real-life' category strategies. The 2-Day workshop brings together internal clients (who design and specify requirements) and PSCM strategy leads to identify the key demand and supply factors impinging on current VFM performance.

Using IIAPS strategic sourcing methodologies the workshop provides a robust challenge to existing sourcing strategies, and provides a Detailed Report on future potential strategic and tactical options to significantly improve value for money (VFM) and enhanced quality, cost and delivery (QCD) performance.

The basic structure of the 2-Day Challenge Workshop with Detailed Report is outlined below.

The QV® Detailed Report focuses on the systematic analysis of key categories of supply/spend within the organisation and its supply chains. The aim is to identify immediate areas for improvements in value for money (VFM) so that industry-leading quality, cost and delivery (QCD) outcomes can be achieved.

Consulting and Mentoring Services

If required, after the Detailed Report, IIAPS can support the implementation of the recommendations made, in the following ways:

  • interim management or consulting leadership of project implementation
  • interim management or consulting support during client-led project implementation
  • within-client training and competence development to close immediate skills gaps
  • redesign and implementation of new category strategy sourcing processes
  • creation of client-based Academies for future continuous competence development
  • continuous mentoring of client staff during or after project implementation

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