Organisations can create advanced category management and strategic sourcing processes, but these on their own cannot create full PSCM competence. To achieve this those managing these advanced processes and systems must also have the technical and behavioural skills to manage the required activities and tasks professionally.

IIAPS offers a range of services to assess and develop the competence of individuals.

Service Offerings

For Transforming Individual PSCM Competence

The ICA Index®

Benchmarking of current competence of individuals against world-class standards for purchasing and supply chain management is achieved using The ICA Index™.

Soft Skills Assessment & Development

IIAPS offers a soft skills assessment process, aligned to the ICA Index®, so that there is a complete solution for both the technical and behavioural aspects of PSCM.

In-Company Training

IIAPS offers bespoke/tailored programmes to meet specific or unique training requirements from organisations. These may be accredited by IIAPS.

Advanced Belt Qualifications

The International Green, Red and Black Belts in Advanced Purchasing & Supply are advanced qualifications offered by IIAPS based on real-time category strategies.

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