Organisations do not always understand how their current organisational processes and systems compare against other leading organisations globally, or for that matter against comparators/competitors within their own industry/sector.

Given this, IIAPS offers a unique on-line benchmarking methodology (the PSCM Index®) that provides a comparative assessment and benchmark of the current performance of organisational processes and systems in purchasing and supply chain management (PSCM).

The tool analyses current organisational structure and process competencies against 184 world-class performance attributes in the following five areas:

  • Business Buy-in and Functional Role
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Strategic Sourcing Process
  • Organisational Structure
  • Systems and Processes

Undertaking a PSCM Index Assessment

The tool provides for an on-line self-assessment and benchmark against world-class standards for 184 attributes. This can be followed by an independent audit and detailed improvement report by IIAPS.

Online Self-Assessment and IIAPS Audits

Organisations undertake a self-assessment of their competence online by answering a series of questions. This can be followed by a rigorous audit by IIAPS, which will review documentation, policies and processes to verify the inputted data. A detailed improvement report can then be provided.

The tool also provides organisations with the ability to benchmark their own organisation's performance against organisations in the user's own, and across similar, or very different industries and sectors.

The aim is to provide organisations with a clear insight into those processes and systems that require immediate attention and improvement. IIAPS will provide firms with a detailed report that includes a gap analysis assessment and an operational improvement implementation path.

The charts above show a selection of the reports of the audited performance of organisations by industrial sector, turnover of organisation, size of PSCM team, geographical focus, etc.

The corporate accreditation service uses the benchmark scores from the PSCM Index® to place the organisation within one of the categories of organisation process and system competence.

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