The International Institute for Advanced Purchasing & Supply (IIAPS) is dedicated to the raising of international standards in purchasing and supply management so that real business value is delivered to organisations through advanced learning.

IIAPS offers a unique approach to advanced learning in category management and strategic sourcing that is based on the development and implementation of real-life category sourcing strategies.

The development of these real-time strategies is based on the application of best practice theory and the most advanced sourcing tools and techniques. This is the core of the training and 'learning by doing' adopted during the Institute's International Green, Red and Black Belts in Advanced Purchasing & Supply. Completion of these three Belts results in life-time Full Professional Membership of the Institute (MIIAPS).

The case for placing students on the courses of study is compelling (see below), as it provides and immediate ROI and enhanced VFM delivery for sponsoring organisations with fully embedded learning. This real business value is delivered at minimal cost and impact on day-to-day operations.

Clients sponsoring students on the IIAPS Belts qualifications normally recoup all of the costs of the course of study, and much more, through improvements in real business value after sourcing strategy implementation. On completion of their studies, successful students can also deliver an ongoing stream of future value improvement initiatives, as they act as internal consultants, facilitators and mentors to other internal category strategies.

It is also important to understand that this is a unique training course because students will be taking only five days out of their normal working time for the Green Belt, and none for the Red Belt or Black Belt courses of study. The rest of their time dedicated to the course of study is part of their normal workload as category sourcing strategy leaders, managing 'real-time' sourcing strategies.

The IIAPS philosophy, as always, is to deliver exceptional business value and immediate ROI for the client by transferring advanced knowledge and understanding to them, so that they can transform their current competencies as quickly as possible while focusing continuously on 'real-time' business issues.

Why Choose our Advanced Qualifications?

Having benchmarked hundreds of organisations globally it is clear that there is considerable disquiet amongst those funding PSCM Training Courses and Qualifications for their staff. They consider this training:

  • Too theoretical and not practically relevant
  • Too focused on best practice in industries/sectors that are not relevant to the issues facing their organisation
  • Too focused in training on case studies that are irrelevant to the needs of their organisation
  • Provides limited evidence of heightened skills and capabilities relevant to their organisation amongst staff after training
  • Often leads to the loss of the most able staff after advanced training, with no real tangible value for money or ROI benefits being provided to their organisation from the training

Given these concerns about the effectiveness and efficacy (value for money) of these approaches, the case for selecting our unique approach to advanced learning in category management and strategic sourcing is compelling:

  • Transfer of advanced knowledge and understanding about category management and strategic sourcing
  • Access to advanced world-class thinking and QV methodology/templates for strategy development
  • Learning by 'hearing' and 'seeing', but mainly by 'doing' by developing and implementing real-life category sourcing strategies
  • Development of facilitation and corporate engagement competencies
  • Category strategies specific to the organisation
  • Immediate value for money (VFM) and return on investment (ROI) as costs covered by benefits/value from implementation of strategy
  • Ongoing stream of potential value improvement initiatives as learning is applied to future strategy developments
  • Overcomes distance learning issues through face-to-face training master classes and QV workshop
  • Minimal disruption to company as strategy forms part of their 'normal workload' and time out of office is minimised
  • Mentoring service throughout course ensures continuous embedding of learning and challenge for optimal learning experience

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