At the beginning of the course of study an IIAPS consultant is assigned to each individual student to provide Mentoring Support throughout the course of study.

IIAPS offers the following Mentoring Services on the Green Belt Course of Study.

  • The IIAPS mentor provides e-mail, telephone and Skype-based contact to act as a sounding-board for the student throughout their course of study.
  • The mentor is normally the same consultant who jointly leads and facilitates the two-Day QV® Value Improvement Workshop with the student.
  • Obviously, the mentor does not complete any of the detailed work expected of the student, such as the work to complete their 1st and 2nd Assessment Reports, but the mentor is normally available to answer any questions of fact or interpretation that the student may have during the course of study.
  • This role is particularly valuable to the student in the:
  • preparation of the 1st Assessment Report
  • implementation of the strategy by undertaking supplier assessment and selection
  • negotiation and contract award, prior to the preparation of the 2nd Assessment Report.

IIAPS offers the following Mentoring Services on the Red Belt and Black Belt Courses of Study.

  • This continuous mentoring service is also particularly valuable during the Red Belt and Black Belt courses of study because students do not repeat the two face-to-face workshop training courses, or have the 2-Day QV® Value Improvement Workshop facilitation support from IIAPS.
  • When developing and implementing their sourcing strategies on their own without IIAPS direct support, students can still call on their mentor for guidance on any issues about which they are unclear as they compile their strategies and Assessment Reports.

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