There is no specific timeframe during which a course of study operates because each sourcing strategy will have its own timeframe within a client's business.

It is important to understand that this is a unique training course because students will be taking only five days out of their normal working time for the Green Belt and none for the Red Belt or Black Belt courses of study.

The rest of their time dedicated to the course of study is part of their normal workload as category sourcing strategy leaders, managing 'real-time' sourcing strategies. The only additional time required is for any additional reading and viewing of e-learning material. The amount of time taken for this will vary according to the knowledge and understanding of individual students.

The two Assessment Reports required for each Belt should also be seen as part of the normal reporting requirement within the client's business.

Indicative Duration of Green Belt Course of Study

An indicative timeframe for the Green Belt course of study is shown below.

The real time taken in the process is the time required by students to:

  • close information gaps to arrive at an agreed sourcing strategy
  • complete the Assessment Reports
  • undertake the Supplier Assessment, Selection, Negotiation and Contract Award processes.

These decisions and workloads are out of the hands of IIAPS, and are dictated by the workload within the client's business. Normally, however, a sourcing strategy for the Green Belt course of study should be completed to contract award within 6-9 months of commencement.

Indicative Duration of Red and Black Belt Courses of Study

An indicative timeframe for the Red Belt and Black Belt courses of study is shown below.

The duration of the Red Belt and Black Belt courses should normally be shorter as there is no requirement for any IIAPS dedicated Training before the Assessment Reports, or any Facilitation Support from IIAPS for the 2-Day QV® Value Improvement Workshop.

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