IIAPS offers a unique approach to the delivery of business value and learning. Real business value is defined as improving quality, cost and delivery in 'real-time' category sourcing strategies.

The International Green Belt, Red Belt and Black Belt in Advanced Purchasing & Supply are delivered and assessed through the development and implementation of real-life category strategies. This leads an immediate ROI and to the development of advanced competence in the identification, and subsequent implementation, of category management and strategic sourcing.

To obtain life-time Full Professional Membership of the Institute (MIIAPS) it is necessary to complete each of these three courses of study. Each of these courses of study has 7 Steps to complete, continuously supported by IIAPS reading, e-learning resources and mentoring support services. Additionally, students completing the first course of study – the Green Belt - have to attend two IIAPS Training Master Classes and receive facilitation support from IIAPS for the QV® Value Improvement Workshop.

Each of these 'learning by doing' courses of study, delivering an immediate ROI and tangible business value in 'real-life' category sourcing strategies, is delivered in two broad phases.

Phase 1: IIAPS-Led Training and Strategy Implementation with Green Belt Accreditation

  • Category projects are selected by the sponsoring organisation in consultation with the student and IIAPS.
  • IIAPS trains all of its students in its unique QV® Category Strategy, Sourcing Portfolio Analysis and Power Positioning Methodologies, providing a unique approach to advanced learning and value delivery.
  • Clients sponsoring students on the IIAPS Belts programmes normally recoup all of the costs of the course of study, and much more, through improvements in value after sourcing strategy implementation.
  • Students receive advanced consulting/facilitation training, and learn the most advanced tools and techniques, as well as receiving Green Belt accreditation of the Institute.

The most significant value for the sponsoring clients is the creation of internal consultants/facilitators capable of delivering an immediate ROI and an ongoing stream of value improvement initiatives in the future.

If candidates do not wish to pursue life-time Full Professional Membership of the Institute (MIIAPS) they can terminate their course of study after completion of the Green Belt. They will then be awarded the Associate Green Belt Membership of the Institute. Those wishing to obtain Full MIIAPS certification must, however, complete Phase 2 of the course of study, as follows.

Phase 2: Continuous Value Delivery by IIAPS-Trained Internal Consultants/Facilitators with Red and Black Belt Accreditation*

  • Additional value can be provided to the sponsoring client if the student also completes the Red Belt and Black Belt accreditation processes.
  • IIAPS believes that continuous 'learning by doing' is a key component of competence and professional development.
  • For this reason IIAPS requires that students complete two further category strategy implementations using the IIAPS methodology to receive Full Professional Membership of the Institute (MIIAPS).
  • IIAPS provides mentoring support throughout the Red Belt (Part A - Second Category Strategy) and Black Belt (Part B - Third Category Strategy) course of study.
  • On completion IIAPS-trained consultant/facilitators are now also normally capable of training/mentoring internal staff in the development of advanced category strategies.

* Students are not required to undertake the Red Belt or Black Belt accreditations if they do not wish to do so.

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