To disseminate best practice thinking in business, category management and strategic sourcing IIAPS also shares videos on its dedicated YouTube video channel.

The IIAPS Media Channel can be accessed here and contains the IIAPS Masterclass Modules and other best practice videos detailed below.

IIAPS Masterclass in the Principles of Category Management and Strategic Sourcing

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IIAPS provides free access to the videos within the Principles of Category Management and Strategic Sourcing Masterclass through the IIAPS Media Channel.

The videos within the Masterclass introduce key issues about the nature of purchasing and supply, category management and strategic sourcing, and the debates about world-class best practice amongst leading academics and business practitioners.

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Each of the 24 IIAPS Masterclass video modules are also supported by a short blog. When they become available, the module videos and blogs can be accessed directly by clicking the YouTube and Blog buttons alongside the title.


  • Module 1: Introduction to Principles of Category Management and Strategic Sourcing    

  • Part A: The Role of Procurement and Supply Chain Management

  • Module 2: The Role of PSCM and the 8-Step Sourcing Process    
  • Module 3: Managing the PSCM Process    
  • Module 4: The Academic Debate about the PSCM Role    
  • Module 5: The Strategic and Tactical Roles of PSCM    
  • Module 6: When is PSCM Critical and Strategic?    
  • Module 7: Conclusions and Learning Outcomes about the PSCM Role    

  • Part B: World-Class and Best-in-Class in Category Management and Strategic Sourcing

  • Module 8: Understanding World-Class and Best-in-Class
  • Module 9: Benchmarking World-Class and Best-in-Class

  • Part C: The Activities and Tasks in a World-Class Category Management and Strategic Sourcing Process

  • Module 10: The Key Activities and Tasks in PSCM

  • Part D: The Principles of Buyer and Supplier Exchange

  • Module 11: The Efficient Outcomes School
  • Module 12: The Contested Outcomes School
  • Module 13: Value for Money for Buyers
  • Module 14: Value from Supply for Suppliers
  • Module 15: Understanding Buyer and Supplier Exchange Transactions
  • Module 16: Operational Ways of Working for Buyers and Suppliers
  • Module 17: Understanding Strategic Sourcing Options
  • Module 18: Principles of Commercial Exchange for Buyers
  • Module 19: Understanding the Balance of Power
  • Module 20: Buyer Sourcing Choices - Purchasing & Sourcing Portfolio Analysis
  • Module 21: Supplier Relationship Choices
  • Module 22: Relationship Alignment and Misalignment
  • Module 23: The Problem with Win-Win in Negotiations
  • Module 24: Principles of Category Management and Strategic Sourcing - 10 Key Learning Outcomes

  • Other Videos on the IIAPS Media Channel

    • How do Buyers and Sellers Interact? And Why?
    • World-Class and Best-in-Class in Context
    • Benchmarking Your Procurement and Supply Chain Competence
    • The Importance of Developing Category Management

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