To disseminate best practice thinking in business, category management and strategic sourcing IIAPS staff have published articles in academic and business journals, contributed chapters to books, and presented papers at academic and practitioner conferences. A very small selection of this work is presented below.

Academic & Business Journal Articles

  • Power and Value for Money Positioning in Public Procurement, In-Procurement, January 2016, p. 31–34.
  • The Need for a Paradigm Shift in Purchasing & Supply Management, DILF Forientering, November 2015, pp. 36–42.
  • Sourcing Portfolio Analysis & Power Positioning: Towards a 'Paradigm Shift' in Category Management & Strategic Sourcing", Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 20 (6), 2015, pp. 717–736.
  • Kraljic, Supply and the Procurement Body of Knowledge, Spend Matters UK/Europe, 23 February 2015.
  • Are Aggressive Buyers Stupid or Guilty of Segmentation Errors?, Spend Matters UK/Europe, 29 January 2015.
  • To Be or Not to Be Ethical - In Defence of Food Buyers, Spend Matters UK/Europe, 21 January 2015.
  • Win-Win? The Problem of Analytic Subjectivity & Straw Men, Spend Matters UK/Europe, 22 May 2014.
  • Lean Thinking in the NHS — Panacea or Harbinger of Reform?, NHS Executive, January/February 2010, pp. 69–70.
  • The Hidden Costs of Buying, The Tork Report, No. 2, October 2009.
  • Beyond Kraljic: Understanding and Benchmarking World-Class and Best-in-Class Practice, DILF Forientering, 45 (5), August 2008, pp. 28–35.
  • Transactions, Power and Contested Exchange: Towards a Theory of Exchange in Business Relationships", International Journal of Procurement, 1 (1/2), 2007, pp. 38–59.
  • Business Relationship Alignment: The Commensurability of Value Capture and Mutuality in Buyer and Supplier Exchange, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 9 (5), 2004, pp. 410–420.
  • Managing Appropriately in Power Regimes: Relationship and Performance Management in 12 Supply Chain Cases, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 9 (5), 2004, pp. 357–371.
  • Overcoming Demand Management Problems: The Scope for Improving Reactive and Proactive Supply Management in the UK Health Service, Journal of Public Procurement, 5 (1), 2005, pp. 1–22.
  • Sourcing Indirect Spend: A Survey of Current Internal and External Strategies for Non-Revenue-Generating Goods and Services, Journal of Supply Chain Management, 41 (2), 2005, pp. 39–51.
  • Integrated Supply Chain Management in Project-Based Industries: The Appropriateness of Lean Supply in the UK Construction Industry, Supply Chain Management: An International Journal, 9 (5), 2004, pp. 372–382.
  • Managing Construction Supply Chains: A Common Sense Approach, Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management, 9 (5/6), 2002, pp. 409–418.

Book Chapters

  • The Political Economy of Transactions: The Praxis of Portfolio Management in Buyer and Supplier Exchange, in Harland, C., Nassimbeni, G. and Schneller, E. (eds.), The Strategic Supply Management Handbook (Sage, London, 2013: pp. 241–260).
  • Aligning Marketing and Sourcing Strategies for Competitive Advantage in the Food Industry, in Mena, C. and Stevens, G. (eds.), Delivering Performance in Food Supply Chains (Woodhead Publishing, Cambridge, 2010).
  • Creating or Destroying Business Value: Understanding the Opportunities and the Limits of a Win-Win Collaboration, in Rickards, T. Runco, M. and Moger, S. (eds.), The Routledge Companion to Creativity (Routledge, Oxford, 2009: pp. 61–70).
  • Strategic Management of Construction Procurement, in O'Brien, W., Formoso, C.T., Vrijhoef, R. and London K. (eds.), Construction Supply Chain Management Handbook (CRC/Taylor & Francis, London, 2009: pp. 1–22).
  • Relationship Management Theories and Tools in Project Procurement, in Pryke, S. and Smyth, H. (eds.), The Management of Complex Projects: A Relationship Approach (Blackwell Publishing, London, 2006: pp. 251–281).
  • Strategic Purchasing and Supply Chain Management in the Project Environment – Theory and Practice, in Lowe, D. and Leiringer, P. (eds.), Commercial Management: Defining the Discipline (Blackwell Publishing, London, 2006: pp. 390–416).
  • Collaboration and Competition: The Economics of Selecting Appropriate Governance Structures for Buyer–Supplier Relationships, in Scott, C. and Thurston, W.E. (eds.), Collaboration in Context (University of Calgary, 2004: pp. 115–125)
  • Purchasing IS/IT Software: The Impact of E-Business on Procurement and Supply Management, in Day, M. (ed.), Gower Handbook of Purchasing Management (Gower Publishing, Aldershot, 2002: pp. 171–193).

Conference Papers

  • The Problem of Win-Win in Project-Based Supply Chains: A Framework for Effective Relationship Management and Performance Optimisation, Proceedings of the 4th Worldwide Research Symposium on Purchasing and Supply Chain Management and 15th International Annual IPSERA Conference, 6-8 April, 2006, San Diego, California, USA.
  • Current Procurement and Supply Management Practices in the NHS: Missed Opportunities and the Misalignment of Demand and Supply, British Academy of Management Annual Conference, 31 August-1 September, 2004, St Andrews.
  • Consortia Sourcing in the Public Sector: The Need for Robust Demand Management as a Precursor for Effective Supply Management in the UK NHS, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Business Economics, Management and Marketing, 24-27 June, 2004, Athens, Greece.
  • Effective Supply Chain Management in the Public Sector: Improving Performance in the UK Health Service through the Effective Alignment of Demand and Supply, British Academy of Management Annual Conference, 15-17 September, 2003, Harrogate.
  • Effective Supply Chain Management in a Project-Based Environment: Evidence from the UK Construction Industry, Proceedings of the Logistics Research Network Conference, 4–6 September, 2002, Birmingham.
  • Managing Construction Supply Chains: The Common-Sense Approach for Project-based Procurement, Proceedings of the 10th International Annual IPSERA Conference, 9–11 April, 2001, Jönkoping, Sweden.
  • The Impact of the Internet on Business Relationships: The Importance of Understanding the Power Perspective, British Academy of Management Annual Conference, 5-7 September, 2001, Cardiff.

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