The International Institute for Advanced Purchasing & Supply (IIAPS) is dedicated to the raising of international standards in purchasing and supply management so that real business value - improvements in the quality, cost and delivery performance of supply - is delivered to organisations.

The primary task of IIAPS is to deliver exceptional improvements in value for organisations through the establishment of a cadre of highly trained and qualified professional managers; who are capable of undertaking the most rigorous and robust approaches to the development and delivery of sourcing strategies.

IIAPS, drawing on insights from an Advisory Board originally drawn from over 90 academic, consulting and practitioner organisations worldwide, has established its advanced international standards globally.

To attain this standard, and Full Professional Membership (MIIAPS) of the Institute, candidates must successfully complete the Institute's International Green, Red and Black Belts in Advanced Purchasing & Supply®. These are the world's first advanced international professional qualifications for procurement/purchasing and supply/supply chain management professionals. The costs of obtaining these standards is normally more than paid for by the real business value generated throughout the relevant courses of study.

IIAPS also provides its own advanced approach to PSCM Competence Transformation, which is delivered through its advanced assessment and benchmarking tools, as well as consulting support and process redesign and optimisation services.

Our assessment tools allow organisations and individuals to benchmark themselves against world-class standards to understand process and system, as well as individual technical and soft skill, gaps. Having identified these competence gaps, IIAPS provides a range of services for purchasing and supply improvement and transformation to deliver real business value.

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