International Institute for
Advanced Purchasing & Supply


The International Institute for Advanced Purchasing & Supply (IIAPS) is dedicated to the raising of international standards in purchasing and supply management.

The main activity of IIAPS is to provide competence assessment and benchmarking tools to allow organisations and individuals to benchmark themselves, both against world-class and best-in-class standards within their own industry or sector. The IIAPS also provides professional careers services, supports research and organises events around the world to share best practice.

IIAPS has also established advanced international standards for purchasing and supply chain professionals worldwide. To attain Full Professional Membership (MIIAPS) candidates must successfully complete the Institute's International Green, Red and Black Belts in Advanced Purchasing & Supply. These are the world's first advanced international professional qualifications for purchasing and supply chain management managers.

All of the annual trading profits of the IIAPS are assigned either to a Best Practices Research Fund (BPRF), or to the Developing World Training Fund (DWTF). These provide for continuous research into best practice and free International Black Belt training for competent, but disadvantaged students, who would not normally be able to fund their own advanced professional training.

History & Mission